Be Christicool

because our anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

James 1: 20

 I will not start asking you if you have already been once in front of an occasion to get angr. These occasions do not always miss. on the street, at school, in the job, in family, we are often confronted with unsatisfactory situations.

Anger is often synonymous with aggressiveness and is an emotion in itself. It is launched due to the fact that there is an obstacle. The man always has tendency to react negatively in front of unpleasant situations. More the situation is difficult, unpleasant and bigger is the destroying energy which carries anger.

We attend unfortunately in the society how people acting in anger are easily allowed to go to criminal acts. How many innocent persons yield under the weapon of hot-tempered man? The number of destroyed families because the man or the woman or both have made a decision in anger is invaluable.

Anger disposes nothing in an unpleasant situation. The Eternal God warn us on it, to leave rage and reveals us that our anger fulfilled not his righteousness .

There is nothing nicer than to recommend the fate to God. Instead of crossing to operation blows of fists, throw of stones, blows of knives or making hiss the gun, leads rather God make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun (Psalm 37:6). Entrust you in the Eternal God and he will act.

Entrust the Eternal God and say no to violence. Be christicool and the Lord will look after you.

Amos Dowou